Rum Highlights

DonQ: Puerto Rico
Super premium rum first aged in American white oak barrels, and then carefully aged in Spanish sherry casks using the Solera Aging System (mixing of rum). In the subtle aroma you can identify hints of vanilla and dark caramel, originating from the prolonged contact of the rum with the barrel. A masterful blend of rums aged from 6 to 12 years and Solera aged rums aged up to 20 years old.

Ron Abuelo 12: Panama
Brown rum distilled from fermented molasses. New to the market in 2009, this 12 year old rum is the oldest rum bottled under the Abuelo label. Vanilla, toffee and baked fruit in the body lead to a smooth, drier smoky finish than their 7 year old rum. The elegance of Panama in a bottle. Owned by the Varela Hermanos (brothers), this product in a unique position, as they own a sugar cane mill; they have the luxury of controlling the production, development and selection of the finest cane available to produce the Ron Abuelo brand rum.

Zaya Gran Reserva: Trinidad
A rum constructed of other rums. It is a private label rum, meaning that the rum is purchased from various sources and then blended to create the final spirit that rests in a very nicely-crafted bottle. Aged 12 years in used whisky and bourbon barrels. In Zaya’s case, the rums are sourced and blended in Trinidad and Tobago in the Southern Caribbean. The rums in question have been aged a minimum of 12 years in used bourbon barrels before being blended together by the Master Blender.

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