Rushton James
Rush was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and is a cigar and rum connoisseur. He was recently inspired by Matt Roblod (www.rumdood.com) and decided to create his own blog to write about a couple of his favorite past times, Cigar Smoking and Rum Drinking.

In addition to writing his own blog, Rush manages a Consulting Company (www.stjamesc.com) and is the founder of “The RECLAIM Movement”, an organization focusing on the promotion of the Louisiana Creole language. Rush lives in Lakewood, California with his wife and two children.

Brian “Nick” Nicholson
Nick was born in New Orleans, LA, moved to Los Angeles, CA with his family at an early age and was raised in Los Angeles. He was introduced to Cigars when he began his career as a firefighter 28 years ago. His palate developed as he became more experienced with every smoke.

He learned very quickly, the mood and events prior to the “smoke” contributed to the outcome of the cigar experience, so he became an expert at creating his ideal environment. Rum became his favorite spirit of choice 10 years ago. As a result, Cigars and Rum became his perfect pair!

Nick frequents many Cigar Lounges throughout the entire Los Angeles County. He truly enjoys the unique experiences of the ambiance and conversations when visiting different lounges.

He gets an opportunity to combine his passion for golf with Cigars and Rum when he enjoys his favorite “go to” sticks while swinging his clubs on the course every week.


Nick and Rush met at a Long Beach cigar lounge. The owner suggested they meet and knew they would hit it off. When they finally met, they felt as if they had known each other for years!

While enjoying Cigars and Rum after a round of golf, they were surprised they had never met before. They discovered that they grew up in the same neighborhood, played sports at the same parks, went to the same elementary school and had many friends in common.

After their friendship progressed, they discovered how their shared passions for Cigars, Rum and golf would combine for a great social organization, Cigars and Rum Aficionado… a perfect pairing!