Origin: Dominican Republic

Age: unknown

Distillation: Fermented Molasses

Barrel: Oak bourbon barrels

Grade: Premium

Price: U.S. ~$40/750ml

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Vizcaya VXOP comes in a flatten cologne style bottle. This type of bottle is being seen more and more for premium rums and is a beautiful bottle to have on the shelf. The only drawback of the bottle is that it takes up more precious space on my shelf and as a collector this is not something I want to do, for those of you who only and a hand full of bottles you would be proud to display this on your shelf. Bottler designs create these shapes to do exactly that (take space), this design creates a presence, or a look and feel of a prestigious sprit in rum selection while also validating the cost. The bottles cap is a gold flattened shape which looks similar to a Gaucho hat…remember the hat Zorro wore.

There are two printed labels on the bottle both deep dark maroon with gold lettering. Both labels are printed directly on the bottle as opposed to a paper label. The first label is around the neck identifying the following: “Produced and Bottled by Vizcaya-Oliver Dominican Republic followed by the standard imported by and government warning. The second label is and arched rectangle with the width flowing left the right. The arch is shaping the top of the label while the bottom edges are slightly rounded with each end of the rectangle slightly angled inward toward the center of the label. The label boast CUBAN FORMULA RUM along the top of the arch with a circle outlined in gold protruding below the bottom of the label with CASK No 21, identifying the cask of the bottle. To the left for the cask information is standard production information identifying the origin and to the right is size in milliliters and alcohol per volume. Finally Vizcaya VXOP in scripted letters is printed directly on the lower portion of bottle.

The liquor inside is a deep mahogany amber color exactly what you would expect from a Cuban Formula Rum distilled from molasses although this rum is actually distilled from pure cane juice.

The bottle I sampled, which I purchased form Hi-Time Wine Cellars, had a dry cork which broke as I attempted to twist off the cap. This was very unfortunate because as previously stated the bottle is a great looking bottle to have on the shelf. I was able to use a corkscrew to open the bottle so I didn’t have to get ghetto and force the cork into the bottle.


A delightful sweet intoxicating aroma flows up from a glass of the Vizcaya VXOP. Hints of honey, maple, caramel, brown sugar, clove, vanilla and slight tropical fruit tickle your senses. At the second deep sniff is a clean crisp sensation, not overwhelming but refreshing preparing me for the anticipation of what is sure to be blissful sweet tasting rum.


A densely syrupy body hits you palate and immediately swoons your tongue with flavors of brown sugar and maple which entices your senses. A medium body viscosity, in-your-face without being rude, with hints of wood and herbs finishes smoothly. Vizcaya lingers in your mouth with warm sweet sensations inviting you to put up your glass and sip again.

Allowing the rum to breathe a bit or adding a pinch of water opens up the subtle tropical fruit flavors and finishes ever more smoothly as if it were even possible. This eliminates any of the alcohol notes significantly for those who wish for a smoother ride. I recommend letting your glass sit if you are drinking Vizcaya neat but preferably add one ice cube or a few drops of water for a completely enjoyable tasting experience.

Suggested Drink: Cuba Libre

The Cuba Libre (Spanish for Free Cuba) originated around 1900 in Havana, Cuba during the Spanish-American War. Patriots aiding Cuba often toasted the West Indian Island and its freedom with this rum, cola, and lime cocktail.

  • 2 oz. dark or white rum
  • Juice of half a lime
  • Ice
  • Cola to taste

Fill a highball. Squeeze a lime into a highball glass, add 2 or 3 ice cubes, and pour in the rum. Drop in one of the spent lime shells and fill with cold Cola. Garnish with lime wedge and Stir briefly.

Final Thoughts:

I found this rum at the December monthly Rum Society at Caña Rum Bar. Once I tasted this rum I knew it was special, medium viscosity, significant without being over powerful, somewhat sweet, but finishes smoothly with afterthoughts of the Dominican island if an island had a taste.

Vizcaya’s fulfilling finish lingers with charming flavors that are completely consistent with the overall tasting experience. This rum reminds me of Pyrat Rum XO Reserve and goes extraordinary well with coke. As of today this is my favorite rum.


Appearances: 23

Aroma: 25

Experience: 25

Final Thoughts: 25

Score: 98

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