Rocky Patel Edge Lite Review


Cigar: Rocky Patel Edge Lite

Origin: Honduras

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan/Honduran

Strength: Mild/Medium
Vitola: Colorado Claro

Format: Toro

Size: 6
Ring: 50

Price: ~$7 each

I was able to take advantage of the Martin Luther King Holiday (January 17, 2011) and go to Skylinks Golf Course in Long Beach for an 8:20am tee time with a five-some (I know… a big group). Getting out early, especially for a holiday, is always great and I was looking forward to enjoy myself on this course. As always I brought along my staples for a round of golf – this day I had a Rocky Patel Edge Lite, a little Jack on the rocks (thanks to Lauren the Cart Girl) and some home brew. I selected the RP Edge Lite because I wanted a flavorful smoke that would not distract too much as I hit the links. RP Edge Lite boasts to be a golfer’s dream cigar and Mr. Patel himself says that this is a “perfect cigar for the golf course”.

Appearance: ★★★★½
The RP Edge Lite Toro is a 50 gauge 6 inch cigar. It’s a great looking Colorado Claro cigar with a light golden brown wrapper and a deep burgundy label on at the rim of the cigar. The label is unusually placed at the lighting end of the cigar, hence the creative name “The Edge”. The placement of the label also gives the cigar a modern appearance and distinguishes this cigar from others. Simply put a fine looking cigar.

I hesitated writing this section of my review of the Edge Lite. I really enjoyed this smoke and will definitely take it again on the golf course but let’s face it fact are facts and the wrapper on this cigar was pretty awful. An Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is used for the Edge and ½ way thru my smoke the wrapper completely disintegrated, I mean completely! The cigar was properly stored and aged for about a year in our humidor so I can’t call it, next time no aging and hopefully the wrapper will maintain some of the natural oils and hold together longer.  Fortunately the Nicaraguan binder was bound so well that it held the cigar together down to an 1 ¾ cigar remaining at the completion of my smoke… now that was actually impressive. The Edge had a nice even burn with a smooth draw. Once lit the Edge stayed lit and I mean it stayed lit thru ever drop on the tee-box, drop in the fairway, in the rough (yes I venture into the rough from time to time) and placed on the green. This cigar would not go out! RP kept a steady burn throughout my game, if only my game could be as consistent.

Flavor: ★★★★½
A mild bodied creamy cigar that delivered unexpected rich flavors. The cigar actually felt light, almost airy which is what I was looking for on the course but was able to produce great smoke and meaningful flavors. The last thing I wanted was a heavy smoke in my chest while I was out exerting myself. Surprisingly for a Colorado Claro the cigar had plenty of body and well thought-out aromas. The draw was very smooth with a nice long finish, an excellent smoke.

Final Thoughts★★★★½
So as you read my ratings of various cigars you may wonder how can two totally different cigars rate similarly. That’s actually easy to answer…cigars should always be picked for the occasion… and not every cigar is for every occasion. As you read and learn more about different types and brands of cigars you will learn these differences and begin to appreciate each cigar for their intended or actually optimal use.

The Rocky Patel Edge Lite is a Golfer’s Dream. The perfect cigar for the golf course, the burn and flavors are amazing for a 7 dollar Colorado Claro Toro. I really enjoy a cigar while golfing but I want to focus on my game and eliminate distractions like relighting cigars or a heavy chest feeling. The Edge delivers exactly what I want as a golfer, to never have to re-light a cigar and to be able to literally drop it over and over and over again without it going out … you can’t ask for anything more. I will perhaps re-review or at minimum amend this review after trying a fresh cigar…hopefully the wrapper will stay intact; RP lost 3 rating points there and the wrapper is realy the only issue I had for my new golf accessory. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this issue with the RP Edge Lite. Leave your comments and let me know your experience or thoughts of mine.


Appearances: 23  ★★★★½

Construction: 19 ★★★½☆

Flavor: 22  ★★★★½

Final Thoughts: 24  ★★★★½

Score: 88

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