Magnetic Cigar Holder – The Ninety Degree Wedge

If you are like us, you really enjoy a cigar on the golf course. Having a place to hold your cigar becomes the only challenge but not anymore with this nifty gadget called The Ninety Degree Wedge Magnetic Cigar Holder.

We tried it in the field and was surprised it exceeded our expectations. With a newly lit Churchill the magnetic cigar holder kept our cigars in place and didn't fall out. We love the cup designs as there is no pressure on our sticks so there was no damage, we can not say the same about any of the spring loaded devices.

It has a compact design and a useful velour bag to keep stored in out golf bag. We highly recommend this product. Below is an excerpt from their website:

the NINETY DEGREE resolves typical cigar clip issues by allowing you to gently place your cigars in a secure holder which can handle a lancero to a gordo (60 ring gauge). The NINETY DEGREE won’t smash your cigar or allow it to fall from the holder. A sturdy and compact device, the magnetic design of the NINETY DEGREE is not limited to just a golf cart. You can use it on your deck, boat, while tailgating, or anywhere you may want your cigar held. All you need is a metal surface. It’s that simple!
Thanks to the vertical design of the NINETY DEGREE, your cigar will always rest away from the mounted surface assisting in a consistent slow and even burn.

Final Thoughts: 5 stars ★★★★★

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