Quick Tips: How to tell if your Cohiba Edicion Limitada is a fake?

Many have been enticed to smoke a Cuban Cohiba. We find them available during our vacation travels abroad and even at our local “trusted” cigar lounges. A quick way to find out if your Cohiba is a fake is simply based on the label. You don’t have to be an expert in printing, raised cigar labels or correct spelling in Spanish, it a real simple rule to follow.

All Cohiba Edicion Limitada 2012 are FAKE. They have some of the best labels around and do not taste half bad but the awful truth of the matter is that they are not Cuban Cohibas make by the Cuban manufacturer Habanos S.A.. Habanos S.A. simply did not manufacture a 2012 Limitada Cohiba. If you find these cigars while traveling or at your “trusted” cigar lounge simply decline the purchase and be leery of any other “Cuban” cigars they have to offer.

One note, these vendors often have the 2004 fake Cohibas as well, if you compare the 2004 label to the fake 2012 you will notice that the labels are exactly the same with except to the year. Know what you are purchasing and ask questions, if you have any doubt don’t buy…chances are your are right.

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